Outside view of Sheet Metal Inc headquarters.


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Fabrication Facility

  • 17,500 Sq./ft. fabrication facility
  • 15,000 sq./ft. secured yard
  • 4,500 sq./ft. dry storage

Plasma Machine

  • CNC plasma cutting machine with a capacity of 10′ x 5′ x 1/4″ plate. In addition, SMI’s plasma machine has the capability to communicate with AutoCAD. This allows for any specific parts and shapes to be drafted and cut precisely.

Coil Line

  • Sheet Metal Inc. has a full coil line that is able to run four 10,000 pound coils ranging from 26 gauge to 18 gauge metal. The line can produce sheet stock and sheared blanks for use with our plasma machine. The lines major use is for the fabrication of square ductwork. The line can shear, notch, bead (cross break), run locks, connectors and brake 90-degree bends to produce a complete section of duct every 52 seconds.

Wysong Shear

  • Twelve foot (12′) power shear, the largest in Anchorage.

Press Breaks

  • 130-ton CNC controlled, 12′ long AccuPress
  • 135-ton CNC controlled, 12′ long Cincinnati


  • Snaplock: used for ductwork construction.
  • TDF: used for putting a standing flange on duct.
  • Pittsburg: used for putting locks on fittings.
  • Tapin: for the construction of tapins.
  • S-lock & Drive: for the construction of connectors.

Miscellaneous Fabrication and Safety Equipment

  • Sheet Metal, Inc has a wide array of additional tools: several production TIG/MIG welding machines, portable welders, hand held plasma cutters, a variety of beading machines, power rolls, pipe/angle rolls, duct lifts, forklifts, personnel lifts, complete safety equipment and MSDS needed for personnel and project safety.