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Sapphire™ In Duct Air Sterilizer

It’s quite common—especially if you have children with developing immune systems or family members with asthma or allergies—that no matter how hard you work to keep your home clean, you can’t seem to alleviate those recurring sinus, cold or flu symptoms.

That’s because the bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi, and other harmful pathogens that pollute your household atmosphere cannot be eliminated with a spray bottle and dust rag. Nor can they be trapped by even your most trusted and sophisticated heating, air-conditioning or ionic air filtration systems.

By installing the Sapphire in your recirculating air system, microbes are being constantly irradiated and eliminated from the air that you breathe.

Sheet Metal Inc is Alaska’s EXCLUSIVE distributor of American Ultraviolet products, contact us at 907-569-6909 to discuss the Sapphire and other options to protect your home and loved ones from these dangers.