Solidyne Controls


SMI’s Controls Department is a provider of industry leading building automation and energy management controls technology. We host a multitude of manufacturers whose products are constructed to provide accurate temperature control, monitoring and reporting solutions for every need.

Right-Sized Controls Options…

Easy IO

Commercial and Industrial

What makes Easy IO different? In an industry not known for its forward thinking, Easy IO is pushing the envelope. The market has been static and Easy IO is genuinely looking to push the boundaries of the possible. When new market entrants from alternative industries, such as IT, see Easy IO as the only option to delivering a solution set that suits their demands, this is where the old world is starting to meet the new. The reality is that the Easy IO goals from the very start have had an impact on an industry that has struggled to move at the pace of the demand for change, improvement, and technological advances.

Sheet Metal Inc is utilizing Easy IO to fit the large scale, campus-wide controls footprints that are typical of larger commercial and industrial clients in the private and government sectors.


Light Commercial

Founded in 1998, Prolon is a manufacturer of an HVAC control system dedicated for small to medium sized commercial buildings. Its entire controls line offering is meant to be easy to install and to be accessible for all mechanical and service HVAC contractors. Sheet Metal Inc has found this product line to be a perfect match for many smaller projects while being extremely flexible and able to play in the same playground as the big-name control systems while shaming them for their complexity. Prolon is perhaps a light commercial building owner’s best friend.


Light Commercial and Specialized Applications

The Niagara framework powers the Solidyne line of temperature control, monitoring, and reporting systems and are seamlessly accessed over the Internet on phones, tablets, and computers. For over 35 years, their products have been providing unique specialized solutions for the likes of Square-D, Teledyne-Laars, Sloan Valve, Belimo, and others, across a broad range of businesses. From Building Automation and Temperature Controls, to Industrial Irrigation, to In-House Arrest Monitoring, Solidyne continues to innovate and create. This product line has long been a strength of the Sheet Metal Inc Controls capabilities.