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Fire/Smoke Damper Inspection

Fire Life Safety is at the core of a building’s design and is a critical component in providing a safe environment for all occupants.  NFPA 80 is the standard which outlines installation and testing/inspection of fire and smoke dampers.

NFPA 80 states that fire damper inspection/testing shall occur:

  • After initial installation, an operational test shall be conducted
  • 1 year after installation and initial acceptance
  • Every 4 years after the “1-year” inspection
    Exception: in Hospitals the frequency will be every 6 years following the “1-year” inspection.

The Fire Life Safety professionals at Sheet Metal Inc. are trained and certified, and possess the knowledge and skills to inspect, test, repair and maintain fire and smoke dampers.  If any dampers fail during an inspection, we can provide a plan to repair or replace dampers, saving time in keeping a building’s safety equipment functioning properly.